Wistful Weekends

What a crazy week! As much as I love long weekends, they sure do make the following four day week into a whole barrel of busy! I suspect I'll be spending much of this weekend behind the computer trying to make up for lost time, especially as I was forced to sit around and twiddle my thumbs for most of today while I anxiously waited for my very broken iPhone (gasp!) to back up.

If only I had the good luck to spend my weekend in a space like this! (And if only my little PC didn't need SO many cords!)

But here's hoping your weekend looks a little more like this...

Or, if the weather allows, maybe something like this.

I think I'm already missing picnic weather, but given that I was genuiney excited to wear a scarf today for the first time this year, I think I'll be alright!

Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend! And stay tuned for a very exciting Friday surprise...

xx Kit

[Images in order: Sabrina Rothe interior photography via desire to inspire, Lori Guyer's restyled porch via Design*Sponge, Amy and Stuart wedding photography via Erin Ever After]