The Glee-Lightful Jayma Mays

Horrid attempted play-on-words aside (please forgive me), I absolutely adore Angela Kohler's photographs of Jayma Mays. Our favourite Glee guidance counselor is looking decidedly Lily Cole-esque in the first shot, and all three outfits would be more than welcome in my wardrobe now that it's finally starting to get a little chilly in ol' Sydney town. I love coat weather!

So come on, fess up...who around these parts is a fellow Gleek? Who's your favourite Glee kid...or Cheerio...or Gleekio? And what's the deal with that Jesse kid? Spying mofo or star-crossed Montague?

xx Kit

P.S. Huuuuuuugely exciting surprise for you tomorrow to celebrate the end of a short but crazy week, yay!

[via Dilly Dallas]