Manic Monday

After feeling sorry for myself all weekend, I find myself in complete overdrive on this lovely, work-free Monday. My cold has subsided to a mere sniffle and I'm actually feeling pretty good, so I plan to make the most of it before the 9-5 resumes.

My plans for the day include:

  • Cleaning up my study
  • Hanging some prints
  • Taking Polaroids around the house
  • Taking Polaroids around the neighbourhood (weather permitting)
  • Painting my refrigerator with blackboard paint
  • Cleaning the apartment from top to bottom
  • Get my Google Reader below the dreaded 1000+ unread items
  • Work on a range of exciting design projects

Given that the first 3 were ticked off before 7am, I'm fairly optimistic I can achieve a few more throughout the day, even with an afternoon family session planned. I'm sure the lack of sleep will catch up with me at some stage, especially with my local cafe closed for the day, but I think I can fit a nap in there too.

[Clean desk, pretty prints on wall - yay!]

[Poladroid of Polaroids]

[More prints, finally on my walls instead of in a pile!]

Come to think of it, that nap is sounding pretty good right about now. But before I pass out, tell me what you're up to this fine day!

[First image via weheartit, the rest by me, my iPhone and Poladroid]