Head, Clouds, Kit

I'm feeling so foggy and dazed today, I can barely string a sentence together. My cold has more or less departed, but I'm still feeling unfocused and generally out of it.

To illustrate how spaced out I am, those two sentences above just took me 45 minutes to type. I'm quite sure my brain is on standby...or possibly just bluescreening. Whatever's going on, I'm running on empty.

Last night, I actually got 8 hours of solid sleep for the first time in almost a month, but I still feel like a little blogging zombie. So instead of blabbering on about brains (or lack thereof), I'm shall direct you to the amazing photography of Lissy Elle, wish you a wonderful Monday, and promise that I'll announce the Giveaway Goodness winner tomorrow when I'm a little more coherent.

xx Kit