Green Thumbs and Garden Tools

It has come to my attention that as I fancy myself as a bit of a gardener (despite my ailing herbs), it's about time I invested in some cute garden gloves and a few garden tools while I'm at it. This may also be related to the fact that my sneaky kitten occasionally decides to use my wine barrel planters as her very own ensuite. Lovely.

I've done a little searching on Etsy and I've been keeping an eye out around my local haunts, but I haven't come across anything that really took my fancy...until I found these Anthropologie goodies, that is.

Love love love! But alas, I just can't bring myself to spend $50 on shipping, no matter how much cuteness awaits me!

So tell me, fellow gardeny types, where do you go for your stocks and supplies? Are there some great Etsy or MadeIt stores that I should be raiding, or any marvellous online stores with reasonable shipping costs to little ol' Australia?

And dear Sydney gardeners, do you have any secret haunts you want to share with me? The gardening stores in my 'hood are few and far between (and outrageously overpriced) and Bunnings, quite frankly, scares the bejiminies out of me! Can I get cute garden goods without an astronomical price tag?

xx Kit

P.S. If I get some good recommendations (which I no doubt will!) I'll blog about the finds...and give credit where credit is due of course!